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Why does the radio station's time differ from my watch?

We now get our signals for CIFM and B-100 from a streaming service,
via the internet.  The service utilizes a 1 minute buffer (delay), so that if the
signal is temprarily lost, they can recover before you notice it.  

However, this means that when they tell you it's 10 AM, in Kamloops, it is
actually 10:01 AM by the time you hear it.

It also leads to a curious effect.  If
, somewhere around the Lac Le Jeuene overpass
and the Cocquihalla Highway (Exit 336),
you change your car radio from the Kamloops
signal to the Logan Lake signal, you might find that as you switch,  Kamloops
has already started a new song, while Logan Lake is just finishing up the last one!

Panic not! If you hear this anomaly, you are not going crazy, nor is the world going
weird.   It's just the one minute buffer at work.  Logan Lake will catch up!