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April 7th: Just before 8am, Global (14.1) and BC-1 (18.1) froze.  Soon after, we started to receive
texts, emails and phone calls about it.  The curious thing is that one of our volunteers was in Kelowna
and Global and BC-1 were frozen, there, as well.  The problem was not with our system, but somewhere
upstream, either with Global itself, or with our signal supplier, in Toronto.

Service on BC-1 was restored quite quickly, but Global took longer.  We dispatched a member to reset
our Multiplexer (Mux), thinking that might be the problem. But, by the time he got to our site, Global
was back on the air, all by itself.

Both Global and BC-1 are distributed on Anik G, which is not having the problems that Anik F2 is having,
so we have no idea the exact source of the problem, but please understand it was not with our equipment,
but originated somewhere well before the signal reached us.  Thank you.

Thanks for reading.