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The Latest News
Please check here, or the brief announcements (with the yellow backgrounds) which appear with our program guide on Ch. 32.1, for the latest information.

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Feb. 26th.  It's been a long slog, these last six months, but the conversion to HEVC is now complete. It has
consumed many hundreds of volunteer hours.  All  our programming now comes from Anik G1, with a
stronger, more stable signal and the old, failing Anik F2 has been put out to pasture.  The pixelation issues
on SportsNet are gone, and our Program Guide is now much clearer and easier to read,
especially on larger screen TVs.

We've had some rather serious "teething problems" the last couple of days, but we now believe that they
are behind us.  We thank you for your patience and understanding during these outages.

The good news is that TSN, SportsNet and Knowledge are all now in full HD!   The not so good news is
that we've had problems with both our WGN receiver and the spare unit we keep on hand.  :-(   It will
take us some time to obtain another spare, so we'll be without WGN until mid-March, at a minimum. 
Sorry 'bout that!

The other bit of bad news is that we are not able to put more channels into HD, due to bandwidth
limits set by the CRTC.  So, please don't ask us to put your favourite station in HD.  Not gonna happen.

Thanks to the requirements of the HEVC system , we've had to relocate many of our channels.  They're all still
there but in different locations. Our Program Guide (Ch. 32.1) has been updated.   To
download a printable,
up-to-date Channel List
click here. If you don't see it, check your  DOWNLOADs  folder.
Thanks for reading.