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What if I already have a Satellite system?

You can still watch Logan Lake's Digital TV, even if you have a satellite dish. It's true!
Most satellite receivers have an antenna input plug right on the back. Just
your antenna, turn off your satellite receiver and you'll get our digital signals
on your TV!
 (Assuming, of course, that your TV is a newer, flat-screen, with a digital tuner.)

Enjoy TV the way it was envisioned when it was invented... via the airwaves.
with the quality of pure digital reception!

Since we've "gone digital", people in areas of town that previously had a devil of a time
getting a decent analog signal often tell us that with digital, their reception is now perfect!

Why, you might just like it so much that you tell your satellite signal
supplier to "take a hike", and save yourself a bundle!

Many people already have!

Last updated 26 Nov. 2019.