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Sometimes people ask us to come
and fix a problem with their TV or Antenna.
Unfortunately, just as the government maintains the road, but you have to maintain
your car, we maintain the broadcasting system, but you are responsible for

your TV and Antenna system.  We are a small, all volunteer society. Not only do we
not have the manpower to go to every house, we are not covered by insurance if we do!
However, give us a call.  We can usually recommend someone who will do the job for you.


Here are three, low-cost things you can do, to ensure the best possible reception.

1) Set up your TV - use the "Find Channels Automatically" feature, found in the menus
of your TV
(usually under "Setup" or "Installation") or Set top box. For more on this, click here.

2) Make sure your antenna is aimed at our broadcast tower.  With time, wind
can shift your arial and a difference of 15 degrees can mean a loss of
50% in
your signal strength!  Over time, snow can cause your antenna to
tilt down, or even
break elements.  This can cause huge losses in signal strength
and thus, picture quality.
Realign your antenna, if necessary, and replace it
if it has broken or bent elements.
Antenna's are not expensive, but they are essential
to good reception.  For more
on antennas, please click here.

3) Remove any unnecessary splitters from your system. Each splitter reduces your
signal by more than 50%.  Putting splitter after splitter can lower a very good signal to
the point where an analog TV is mostly "snow' and a digital TV may not work at all!
To learn more about this, click here.