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   Antennas are the source of many, poor reception problems.                 (Page 1 of 3)   

Let's face it; most of the antennas on Logan Lake homes were put up when the houses were built, many of them now being 35 to 40 years old. And, nothing lasts forever.  Even when an old antenna looks OK, tiny amounts of unseen corrosion at the joints can cause signal loss to the point where your picture pixelates, or even disappears altogether.  Wind and snow also take their toll.  Because your antenna is clamped to a round mast, over time, wind can shift it's direction, and if it is just 15 degrees off a straight line to our broadcast tower, the signal level can drop by 50%.   So, once a year, before the snow flies, it is a good idea to check that your antenna is properly aimed & securely mounted.   If your antenna is over 20 years old, consider replacing it with a new one. 

If your Yagi antenna has drooping elements, caused by birds or snow, it is a good idea to simply replace your roof-mounted antenna. New antenna's cost around $125 and usually make a world of difference! (If you're
to do the work call us @ 250.320.6215 between 8 & 5 and we can recommend someone who can.)

We suggest you replace your "Yagi" style antenna (upper left) with one of the new, "bow tie"
UHF-only an
tennas. (About $45 to $125 from various mail order or Kamloops suppiers.)  Theshave the
advantage if 
they are aimed to within +/- 35 degrees of our tower, they work & because they mount vertically,
they don't have a 
problem with bending under the weight of birds or snow
.  For most of us, a "4-Bay" antenna
will be just fine, but for those in fringe areas (say, near Mamette Lake), or cvery weak signal areas of town, a slightly more expensive, 8 bay unit (shown above, right) should work better.