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Will we get more channels?

We hope so... but not right away.  
In the last few years, we have added CTV-two & MovieTime
and returned TSN  to our lineup. More recently, we have added Food Network, OLN and Bravo!

We have added Knowledge Network, in HD, and hope to add a few more HD channels over time.
This sort of work may be relatively easy for broadcast engineers, but it is a daunting task for
a small group of hard working volunteers.

We had plans to add more, but the Federal Government has thrown a monkey wrench into our plans, by
taking away our upper channels.  First they took away all our channels above 51 and recently all our
channels 35 & above. This has forced us to make the costly move to new, lower frequencies and we have
now used all the available bandwidth available to us.

All this has been complicated by our Statellite signal provider's change from MP2 to MP4.  This is a
move that is costing us tens of thousands of dollars (it's OK, we've been saving our pennies!), but
it cuts into funds we'd hoped to use for more signals. We are exploring new technologies which, we hope,
will give us some expansion room, but that is for the future.

When/if we are able to add new channels, our decisions will depend on availablity and costs, at that time.

Last updated 12 June, 2019.