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If all stations are off-air at once...

The chances of all our equipment failing at once are extremely small, so if there
is no forest fire then the power must be out!

If your power is out, the result is obvious.  If power at the TV site is out, but the town is "on", then the
reason is not so obvious.  Our TV tower is on a completely different circuit than the rest of town. Our
circuit feeds our site, the Ski Trails, the Mile High area and Lac Le Jeuene.  Sometimes one, or both circuits
can fail.  So it is quite possible that the TV site can lose all power while all of Logan Lake is just fine.

At night, it is easy to tell if our power is out.  Just look for the red nav-beacon on the top of our tower.
If it's not lit, you'll know that the TV site is without power.  At such times, there is no point in phoning or
emailing us to complain, for there is nothing we, or anybody, can do until the power comes back on.

When the power is restored, our system waits for 5 minutes, to be sure the power is stable,
and then it turns on 1/3 of our equipment, followed by another third 10 minutes later and the last
third 10 minutes after that.  This prevents equipment damage and reduces the inrush load,
 to prevent a possible re-triggering of the outage.  All our equipment is supposed to come back on,
automatically.  However, while most stations do come back on, there seem to always be one
or two that don't.  Our volunteers will go and reset the few stations (both TV and radio) still off-air,
as soon as  possible after the power is restored.

However, as happened in December of 2015, our volunteers were in Kamloops for most of
the day, so 3 radio stations and one TV station did not get reset until late afternoon.
Such are the joys of an all-volunteer society.  We trust you will understand.

Last updated: 29 March 2016