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Aug. 22nd. 
Arrived home last evening & despite a 14 hour drive, went to the station to have a look. Our
station is coated with red fire retardant and some made it inside. Resetting the equipment got 16 channels operating properly, Today, we managed to get the rest running,  but there are no guarantees, as many are
kludges (temporary) fixes.  There will be numerous outages, without warning, over the next week or two, as
we try to get everyting working in a normal, reliable maner.

The retardant appears to have got into the bearings of the cooling fans in some units... meaning that over the coming week, we will have to remove some equipment from service, to replace these fans.  These interruptions
may be without warning and could last up to two hours each. But, doing this will prevent the equipment
 failing, which would mean interruptions of up to two weeks or more, as we sent  the units out for service.  We may actually have to remove every piece and clean them internally, causing more unplanned, fairly short interruptions.  Please bear with us, as such interruptions are better than the alternatives.
Your TV Society is a small, but dedicated group and there is a LOT of work ahead to get things running reliably again.  We thank you for your patience and understanding at this most unusual time.

Thanks for reading.